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Dodge Monkey Ball

Touchmonkeygames first release. Use to test out mobile performance, tilt and touch controls. Monkey dodge puts you in charge of keeping your Monkey alive as long as possible! Use touch or tilt controls to avoid bouncing and homing balls. Collect Banana powerups to help clear the screen and get as high score as possible.

Monkey Dodge Ball using integration to brign online soreboards and acheiverments. Gain trophies for certain tasks and post your high scores to clay,io, facebook and twitter.

Short Mat Bowls: Touch

Step onto the mat and bowl up for some short mat action! Short mat bowls is a 2D game of skill where players take it in turns to bowl down the mat, curve around the wood in an attempt to be the closest to the Jack ball. Points are gained each 'End' for balls closer than your opponent. The most points at the end of the game wins. It's like a tactical angry birds, without the old birds! SMB features easy to pick up touch screen controls, great physics and addictive gameplay. Easy to pickup, but hard to master!

Short Mat Bowls is mentioned as one of the under the radar games that you should play by

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Soccer Caps (WIP)

Currently in development, Soccer caps will provide single player, local multiplayer and online football matches. Take charge of 3 'Caps' in a fast pace tactical action soccer game. Each round players choose there moverments and choose tactics to kock the ball into the back of the net!

Coming SOON!




Bowls Touch is currently under focus. Latest version includes CPU matches, New screens / GUI, Change number of ends, Replay features, End Measure feature. Next features to include are Online Multiplayer, Scenario / Challenge mode and more!



Soccer Caps Beta available


Soccer caps is open to beta testing. Contact for more information


Feel free to drop an email regarding game info, sign up for beta testing, ask questions or for any feedback.


Google play releases!

Monkey dodge ball and Short mat bowls are both now available FREE in the google play store

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